Find a Treasure, Change a Life

Task Descriptions for Volunteers


This person loves people.  Welcoming customers, giving directions, answering store policy questions and thanking our shoppers as they leave, are just some of the responsibilities involved. The ability to stand on your feet for a number of hours is also necessary.


Enjoys interacting with our customers and having the ability to handle money is essential. Greeting customers, answering customer questions, knowledge of store policies and merchandise selection is an integral part of this position.

Sales Associate:   

Welcoming customers, assisting our shoppers in merchandise selection, merchandising & organizing the selling floor, filling-in stock, straightening, sizing & pricing merchandise as well as doing light housekeeping are all included in this position. The ability to stand on your feet for a number of hours, bending, reaching, and stretching is also necessary.

Backroom Processing: 

This position requires an critical eye for detail.  Sorting through donated items and assessing the sale-ability of these items is crucial. Hanging, ticketing and pricing clothing are just some of the responsibilities involved. This position also requires the ability to do some light lifting and standing on your feet for a number of hours.

Repair Person:

This person enjoys fixing things. The ability to inspect and analyze an item, as well as how to fix it, and where to find “the part” is essential.  These items may include; furniture, electronics, small appliances and household knick-knacks. 


A passion for cleanliness is what this position requires, may include; the sales floor, back-room processing areas and bathrooms.  Routinely sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, emptying garbage cans, changing light fixtures, and wiping down windows are just some of what is needed. Occasional heavy-duty cleaning may be required, such as shampooing the carpet and washing down walls. Several of the tasks can be reduced depending upon your availability and physical limitations.

One-Time/Special Event Volunteers:

Many energetic volunteers will be needed for special events such as donation drives, seasonal switch-overs, and neighborhood promotional flyer “blitzes” to name a few. 

Donation Drive Truck Driver: 

A good driving record, ability to lift heavy furniture and a passion for helping people are needed for this position. The donation drives occur only a few times each year.

Pick-up & Delivery Truck Driver:

A good driving record, ability to lift heavy furniture, flexible schedule and a passion for the ministry is needed for this position. This is an on-going/weekly position, available 2 times per week.

Estate Sale Volunteers: Truck Drivers, Movers, Packers

We offer the families this service free of charge after their sale is over. They vary in size and frequency and are located in the Twin City-Metropolitan area. There is an average of 1 - 2 each month and are usually scheduled on Monday or Tuesday mornings since most sales occur during the week-ends.