Find a Treasure, Change a Life

Current Volunteer Groups

Weekly Groups:

  • Pillsbury United Communities; a group of  5 - 7 adults with disabilities. They clean multiple bins of donated merchandise for 90 minutes, in preparation to be priced and placed on the sales floor. This opportunity can be the highlight of their week. This group plays an important role in excelerating the processing phase and we enjoy them tremendously. 
  • Kaposia; a smaller group of 3 - 6 adults with significant disabilities. They sort and hang multiple bins of tangled hangers in one hour. They are so proud of their accomplishments. This group is sorely missed if they are sick or unable to come each week, we appreciate them more than they understand.

Monthly Group:

  • Grace Point  "Christ Care" small group; anywhere from 4 - 8 adults who come the 2nd Saturday of every month and stay 3+ hours. They work on a variety of tasks depending upon what needs to be done.

Quarterly Group:

  • Grace Church, Roseville; a group of 8 - 10 adults and/or youth, work in a variety of areas according to their individual interests and our need. This church sends out 200 - 300 people, 4 times each year. These service days are called "Grace Days". 

Summer Youth Groups:  

  • Youth Works:
  • Group Cares: